Lift Table Parts for Long Life

Lange Lift’s complete line of hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling are made in the USA to precise tolerances and high design and manufacturing standards, resulting in some of the most durable, rugged, and dependable equipment in the world. We stand behind every product we make and truly believe in giving our customers the quality of service and products we would expect if we were the customer and depended on the product. However, since the laws of physics dictate that no seal will last forever and that o-rings eventually wear out, we provide a full line of lift table parts to ensure that our customers get maximum life out of their lift tables – even with punishing, daily use.

Lange Lift tables are used in a wide array of industries across the world, and although they require minimal maintenance, our selection of parts allows for easy repairs based on the expertise of the manufacturer. Convenient rebuild kits and replacement parts are available for all of our standard lift tables to keep them operating at peak performance.

In most cases, Lange Lift foot pumps can be rebuilt back to normal operating condition, so we offer a Foot Pump Complete Rebuild Kit and a Foot Pump Seal Rebuild Kit to our customers. Since we use universal parts in our foot pumps, you do not need to know the size or capacity of your table. Parts are available for all standard Lange Lift hydraulic lift tables in two convenient kits.

Our foot pump assemblies allow for convenient replacement of foot pump parts that can’t be rebuilt, allowing renewed operation of an older machine. Check out our Foot Pump Guide for parts breakdown, reference images, and parts removal and installation procedures.

We use universal Ram Seal & Bearing parts across all Standard Manual, Electric, Battery, and Air Powered Lange Lift Hydraulic Tables. With the length of service and operational ­environment in mind, seals and bearings should be checked periodically for normal wear and replaced as needed. To find the correct Ram Seal & Bearing Rebuild Kit it is important to locate the capacity of the table. The capacity of the table is posted on the identification tag located to the left of the foot pump as you’re facing it. Check our Ram Rebuild Kit page for more information.

Replacement Floor Locks are available for all production model Lange Lift Tables, Industrial Lifts, and Hydraulic Lift Tables. These double pedal floor locks are foot activated to secure the table in place or to move the table when retracted. The non-marking rubber pad is ideal for non-slip floor contact.

If you have questions about your lift table or have one of our custom or modified lift products, call or e-mail us with your serial number.

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