Why Airplane Manufacturers Need Quality Lift Tables

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Why Airplane Manufacturers Need Quality Lift Tables

Why Airplane Manufacturers Need Quality Lift Tables

Many people underestimate how important airplanes are. For the most part, we only really see the inside while aboard or see one flying high in the sky. Very few people really work up close to airplanes. The people who do are aerospace manufacturers. In fact, they are responsible for designing, building, testing, and maintaining airplanes. To do this job well, they need strong lifting equipment.

Do You Know How Big a Jet Engine Is?

Boeing 777s have the largest jet engines. These engines are over ten and a half feet in diameter and weigh over 15,000 pounds each. That’s taller than a regulation basketball hoop and heavier than an elephant. That means they need strong and reliable lifts to put these engines together. In addition, the jet engines need to be tested, painted, inspected and maintained. All of these jobs require quality material handling equipment so that goods and people just like you can travel safely.

How Often Do Airplanes Get Serviced?

Airplanes typically need servicing every couple hundred flight cycles. A flight cycle consists of one take-off, one flight, and one landing. Engineers and mechanics take the plane to a hangar where regular tests and check-ups are done. It takes a whole team many hours of work to do this. All of them need various tools and equipment to make sure the airplane is safe to go back into the air. These tools and people require special lift tables to get themselves up to the plane. In addition, they need a special lift that can hold the weight of a whole engine or wing if it requires special maintenance.

Need Custom Equipment? Contact Us!

If you require modified or custom material handling equipment, then look no further. Lange-Lift has been making the best lifting equipment for over 50 years. Our team can work with you to conceptualize, design and manufacture anything you need.

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How to Choose the Perfect Scissor Lift for Your Project

As you’ve probably noticed, scaffolding has been fading away into history. Scissor lifts are quickly becoming the preferred choice for professionals who do a lot of high-elevation work.

Scissor lifts are more cost-effective and save time. If you’ve ever spent an entire day setting up scaffolding, then another day taking it down, you know how much production time is lost. A scissor lift also provides greater reach and weight capacities.

But how do you choose the right lift for your job? From the push-around models to the mighty diesels, there are many options.

In this article, we’ll cover the different lifts available for different occasions. The right one for you is just around the corner.

Now, let’s talk scissor lifts.


A scissor lift comes in many sizes and shapes. The most common are designed to lift materials and workers to heights that ladders can’t safely reach. They also come in smaller sizes for uses like lifting pallets or other heavy objects to lower heights.

Depending on the work you need to get done, you can find lifts that range in lift height and power.

Let’s take a look a few specific types.

Low-Level Lift

These work great when used in indoor workspaces such as garages, hangers, and warehouses. They’ll typically reach heights between 20-25 feet and are powered by an electric motor or air. They’re also light and designed with smooth wheels to help reduce stress on indoor flooring.

High-Level Lift

High-level scissor lifts reach heights you can’t get to on low-level models. They’ll reach over 90 feet high, which can be needed on high, outdoor jobs. Some are electric powered. Others are gas or air powered. The option you choose will depend on your specific work environment.

Outdoor Lift

In reality, any lift can be used outdoors. However, there are some specific design features that make these lifts more suited for outdoor work. Lifts designated for use outdoors are typically high-level lifts that access electric wires and telephone wires.

They boast robust pneumatic tires that can handle a rough outdoor terrain, and because they’re powered by a gas or diesel engine, outdoor lifts aren’t restricted by an electrical connection or short battery life.

Dock Lift

These are the little cousin to a traditional scissor lift. They still use the scissor design to move, but they’re much smaller and for lighter loads. They allow for quick and easy loading and unloading of bulky items.

Dock lifts are designed to be extremely mobile and come in a wide array of designs.

When you need a lift to provide moving power for heavy loads from the warehouse floor to a trailer truck bed, dock lifts are the way to go.

Find Custom Scissor Lifts at Lange Lift

When you’re ready to find the perfect lift for your application, we’re here to serve you. Choosing the right custom scissor lift can turn any difficult job into a much easier endeavor.

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your specific lift needs and how Lange Lift can be your solution. Remember, we have the products that lift the world.

Product Spotlight: Lange Lift Tilter with Roller Conveyors

Since 1934, Lange Lift has been building the best manual lift tables, electric lift tables, battery lift tables and air lift tables in the world. Among the many unique products we offer, we are especially proud to present to our customers are our custom & modified lifts. These units are designed and built specifically for a customer’s unique application. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine our expertise in products that lift the world into new and unique products that serve a specific purpose. A great example of that is our amazing Lange Lift tilter with roller conveyors.

This unit has a capacity of 2000 lbs, with dual 60 in long x 61 in wide decks with roller conveyors (2-½ in ø on 4-½ in centers, 27 in between frame) which may be linked for simultaneous tilting. Sitting on a 127 in. long x 61 in. wide base, with dual independent, double acting hydraulic cylinders, and two 3-sided safety skirt systems, this unit is built for stability, power, and convenience. The deck tilts to a maximum 90-degree angle, either independently or simultaneously. Powered by a 120V AC, single phase, 60 Hz source, the unit is ready to be used anywhere, anytime. Controls are highly intuitive, with push button controls on a 10 ft pendant – tilt up left deck, tilt down left deck, tilt up right deck, tilt down right deck, linked tilt up, linked tilt down, e-stop, and momentary contact on/off.

Developed in partnership with a specific customer for a specific application, this unit has brought increased productivity and reduced downtime to the line on which it operates. The unique abilities of this unit fit the need perfectly, enabling the customer to speed up production and increase convenience and productivity for workers.

Just take a moment to view our product video for this unique product, and you’ll quickly gain an understanding of the unique abilities that our custom & modified lifts team puts to use. You may even start to consider ways in which the talented engineers at Lange Lift may be able to develop a product that could increase productivity and lower costs in your operations. If you have a need, we can build the lift.

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Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Contact us today to learn more about what our great products can do for your business.

Modified Lift Tables

The original Lange Lift Elevating Table was the first of it’s kind. Designed in the 1930s by Anthony Lange, this innovative product was built to exacting standards, with demonstrated quality, sturdiness, and minimal maintenance required. The original design of this lift table continues to be a mainstay in industrial environments.

Despite the extreme versatility of the original design of lift table, workers frequently find that their specific and diverse operations and actions could be further improved with modifications to the common lift table. Perhaps a rounded top, a roller conveyor, or tooling slots could vastly improve productivity, ergonomics, or overall worker satisfaction. For these specific needs, Lange Lift offers an entire line of Modified Lift Tables, ready to meet the needs of today’s manufacturers.

You can modify or customize any our world-class lift tables to fit your application. Due to our “Sky is the Limit” approach to our design modifications, you can be sure that you’ll get precisely what you want, and what will improve your work. Be it a round top, ball transfer, roller conveyor, UHMW/rubber cover, tilting decks, powered rotation, or tooling slots, our engineers will work directly with you from concept to production, ensuring that your needs are kept at the center of the design process.

Our experienced and passionate engineers are dedicated to delivering products that enhance and improve the work lives of manufacturing workers in the USA and around the world. We relish the opportunity to work with a craftsman to develop a lift table to solve the problems that they face on the job every day, thereby improving that person’s work output and overall satisfaction. Lange Lift knows that a happy and engaged worker produces better product.

We use the latest in 3D CAD design to bring our designs to life to share with you prior to production. We have the field-proven expertise behind over 80 years of experience in custom lift product design. We are the trusted manufacturer for lift based material handling needs by small fabrication shops, to the United States Military, national defense contractors, aerospace manufacturers and all industries in between. Manual, electric, battery, and air powered lift tables with capacities from 100 to 10,000 pounds.

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Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom elevating table ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Contact us today to learn more about what our great products can do for your business.