When replacing the Foot Pump Assembly on your Lange Lift Hydraulic Lift Table, it is important to note that the foot pump pedals vary in length from table to table, depending on the size of the deck. To determine the correct part number, measure the deck using the following guide:

Part Number // FPA24 // 24″ x 24″ Square Deck
Part Number // FPA30 // 30″ x 30″ Square Deck
Part Number // FPA36 // 36″ x 36″ Square Deck
Part Number // FPA48 // 48″ x 48″ Square Deck

IMPORTANT! This information is only applicable to Standard Lange Lift Hydraulic Lift Tables. If you have a custom or modified lift table that utilizes a foot pump, please call or e-mail our customer service department so they can assist you in finding the correct part for your lift.

For parts breakdown, reference images,  parts removal and installation procedures, please download a copy of our Parts Guide.