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Lift Tables Made In The USA

Lift Tables Made In The USA

Our great Nation is once again making a strong push towards products that are made, marketed, and sold in the USA. Since 1934, Lange Lift has been proud to build our full line of manual lift tables, electric lift tables, battery lift tables and air lift tables, in the United States. We’re not new to the game, and we believe that the principles that keep us building our products here in the USA not only make our products the best they can be but keep our community and country thriving and growing.

Our Founder and creative talent, Anthony Lange, built the company based on his belief in making the best products right here in the USA. He proved to be ahead of his time in his ability to design ergonomic lifts with exceptional functionality and longevity, and he did it with friends and neighbors at his side. As a patriotic American, Anthony built his brand by word of mouth, letting the product speak for itself. As his brand grew, with it came a reputation of being the go-to lift manufacturer for durable lift tables that are built to last.

Today, we continue this legacy. Surviving many decades of American companies turning to outsourcing to reduce costs and simplify operations, Lange Lift retains our commitment to manufacturing our products in the USA. Our talented managers and product designers realized that outsourcing our products would result in reduced quality, and would isolate our operations. We still work closely as a team, from conception to design to production, ensuring that our quality and creative vision is maintained throughout every step of the process.

Made In The USA isn’t just a slogan or marketing feature to us. We believe in American workers and American ingenuity; we always have. We’re thrilled to see other industries increasingly join us in this way of thinking, and we believe it will ultimately increase the quality of life for all Americans. We are also honored by the American public’s continued embrace of Made In The USA products, and their preference to buy American whenever possible. We’ll continue to make the best products we can make, right here in the USA.

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Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Contact us today to learn more about our lift tables made in the USA and what our great products can do for your business.