How Pilates Reduces Ergonomic Injuries


How Pilates Reduces Ergonomic Injuries

How Pilates Reduces Ergonomic Injuries

There was a time when pilates was thought to be just for professional dancers. In actuality,  Joseph Pilates originally invented his stretching system for bedridden hospital patients to allow them to exercise from their hospital beds. Over time, however, pilates was viewed as unmanly. But there’s a reason pilates has grown in popularity over the past 10 years. Professional athletes and assembly line workers alike are learning about how pilates reduces ergonomic injuries by stretching, strengthening and aligning your body. As a result, people are feeling stronger and eliminating nagging aches and pains that have plagued them for year, or quite possibly, their whole lives.

Take a play from the Packers’ Playbook

It made headlines a few years back when news stories came out revealing that the Green Bay Packers had integrated Pilates into their training regimen. However, what their trainers had discovered is that pilates requires a connection to your body that allows their athletes to hone into muscle imbalances that indicate what muscles they should focus on.  Often tiny muscles are neglected that support the stronger, dominant ones. As a result of this body awareness, their players are able to reduce injuries and gain a competitive edge.

That’s great. But what can pilates do for you… you ask?

The short answer: a ton. Though working surfaces with adjustable working heights limit ­bodily stress and reduce repetitive motion injuries, they aren’t miracle workers. Even the best Lange Lift tables in the industry can’t compensate for your old football or wrestling injury. 

That’s where Pilates comes into the picture.

How pilates reduces ergonomic injuries for Wisconsin workers

As machinists, welders, assembly line workers and material fabricators, we don’t have to tell you that you’re doing the same motions over and over. If your shoulder flares up after four hours and you pop some Advil, you may temporarily alleviate the inflammation, but you aren’t addressing the underlying issue. Though pilates can’t get rid of all physical issues, it has proven to help those who have lived with pain their whole lives reduce or eliminate it with proper strengthening and stretching.

A good pilates regimen has many ergonomic benefits including:

  • A stronger core. Strengthening your abdominal muscles helps to improve posture and prevent muscle imbalances that cause aches and pains to begin with. A weak core is often the culprit behind chronic back pain.
  • Increased flexibility. Loosening up your back, hamstring, quads and hips make doing those repetitive motions less difficult, resulting in less injuries.
  • Stress Relief. Gentle stretching metabolizes the stress hormones that build up in your muscles making you feel more relaxed.

At Lange Lift, we’ve been reducing ergonomic risks since 1934

At Lange Lift, we create products that limit ­bodily stress, reduce repetitive motion injuries, and increase ­efficiency. If you have the opportunity to try pilates, give it a try and see if it works as another tool in your box to keep you productive and healthy. And contact us today for height adjustable tables to help reduce your ergonomic risks.l









Pallet Inverters : Safety Tips to Never Forget

Pallets help shipping workers every single day. They help bulk shipments of goods get where they’re going more efficiently. However, sometimes the shipment of goods needs to switch from a wooden pallet to a plastic pallet for more permanent storage. In addition, the goods may need turning to prevent the materials inside the shipment from settling. In this instance, a pallet inverter saves the day.

What Is A Pallet Inverter?

A pallet inverter is a machine that is used to turn over pallets whilst still loaded with products. To repeat a bit, pallet turning helps transfer products to a new pallet, to turn the pallet to prevent contents from settling, or even to just replace a broken pallet.

Why Are Pallet Inverters Beneficial?

  1. To prevent injuries and accidents.
  2. To increase the efficiency.
  3. To cut costs dramatically.
  4. To adjust loads of all shapes and sizes.
  5. To increase the number of pallets handled per hour.

What Are Some Safety Tips to Keep in Mind?

  • Remember Your Training
    • You should always be familiar with pallet inverter before operating. Keep in mind what you were taught and don’t take short cuts while operating.
  • Train Everyone in the Shop
    • It may be hard to find the time to train everyone in the shop on how to use a pallet inverter. However, in the long run, it’s much better to have everyone know how to operate it than for an inexperienced person to have to use it alone just to save
  • Schedule Regular Maintenance
    • Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure you pallet inverter is always reliable and operational.
  • Report Any Problems
    • If the machine isn’t working perfectly, you should always let the next operator know and make a note to schedule maintenance ASAP.

You should always stay on the safe side when operating heavy machines with large loads. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may not be coming in for an inspection, but they could at any moment, unannounced.

In addition, everybody benefits from a safer workplace. People want to be happy and feel safe at work, and following these safety tips can certainly help.

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Lange-Lift makes the best pallet inverters in the industry. We’re agile enough to modify our existing product line to create one-of-a-kind lift products to meet your exact specifications.

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4 Tips Before Buying the Perfect Lift Table for You

A lift table is a table equipped with a hydraulic system for raising/lowering products of equipment. Lift tables also have various ergonomic benefits because it reduces the constant need to bend and twist around to see what you’re working on. For some specific information on ergonomics, check out these tips to improve ergonomics in the workplace. 

There are many things to consider when buying a lift table. This blog will walk you through the various considerations so you know you’re getting exactly what you need.

Here are 4 tips for buying a lift table!

1. Lift Table Capacity

Each lift table has a specific load capacity. Some can handle more weight, others less. You need to consider what it is you’ll be putting on this lift table and how heavy it is. Too heavy, and you might be compromising the longevity and functionality of the lift. Too light, and you might just be overpaying for a lift designed to handle harder work.

2. Height

Each lift table also has a maximum lift height, as well as a minimum height for engaged/unengaged. You need to figure out the average height you’ll be working at and find a lift that can work a bit higher than that. This is because if you are constantly working on a table lifted close to its maximum height you can really decimate the lifespan. In addition, you’ll want to consider your workstation and how much space you can afford to give up. A lift can be stored relatively easily if you just span ahead and find the right spot for it.

3. Lift Table Mobility

Another thing to consider when purchasing a new lift table is mobility. Many people purchase lift tables meant for fixed positions. This means that the table is permanently in the same spot for most of its lifespan. Other people may not just have one specific spot or job for the table. In this case, a portable lift table may make more sense. Many tables on the market have wheels and are lightweight enough to be moved by hand.

4. Load Positioning

The final consideration before buying a table is load positioning. Many tables have the ability to change the position of the load for ergonomic purposes. Among of these features includes the ability to tilt or rotate the item on the table so you yourself don’t have to maneuver around it. It can make a very big difference in daily productivity to get a table equipped with one or both of these features.

Overall, buying a new table can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Following these tips can help you narrow your search down to the point where it’s not much of a search at all. If these considerations don’t narrow your search enough, you may want to consider a customized or modified lift from us at Lange-Lift. Contact us today with any questions you may have about buying a new lift table!

Lange Lift Scissor Lifts – Custom Designed for Specific Applications

Scissor lifts, with their unique design, smooth, linear motion, and ability to fold flat are well-suited to certain applications, more so than other types of lift. Lange Lift builds the best scissor lifts, entirely custom built to customer specifications, meeting the customer’s needs with a precisely designed and manufactured product.

Each scissor lift we manufacture is one of a kind, built to last using high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and reliable components. The passionate personnel at Lange Lift take a “sky is the limit” approach to features so that you get precisely what you want. Our engineers will work directly with you from concept to production, and we use the latest in 3D CAD design to bring our designs to life to share with you prior to production.

As a perfect example of Lange Lift’s expertise in custom scissor lift design, consider the custom lift we designed for a worldwide cheese processor. This lift features a stainless steel base and deck cover with fork pockets, and is used in a food processing environment where it can be washed down regularly. In addition to the stainless steel base and cover, it was coated in Steel-It epoxy, a coating which utilizes a unique stainless steel leafing pigment. This catalyzed system creates a hard, non-toxic, metallic finish that safeguards a wide variety of materials from the effects of ultraviolet rays, chemicals, oils, alkaloids, food acids, water immersion, abrasion, and high-pressure washdowns. This heavy-duty, hard working scissor lift meets the unique needs of the customer perfectly.

We have the field-proven expertise behind over 80 years of experience in custom lift product design. We are the trusted manufacturer for lift based material handling needs by small fabrication shops, to the United States Military, national defense contractors, aerospace manufacturers and all industries in between.

If you’re looking for a lift table to serve a specific purpose, look no further than Lange Lift. Our 80-plus years of expertise and experience in all types of hydraulic and electric lift tables enables us to be your go-to manufacturer for the highest-quality lift tables available today.

Contact us today to learn more

Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Contact us today to learn more about what our great products can do for your business.

How Lange Lift Builds Custom Lifts for Unique Applications

Your business is as unique and innovative as the minds that built it, with unique problems that require custom solutions. When it comes to lift tables, scissor tables, box dumpers, tilters/upenders or other types of lift equipment, you may not find a solution that exists that meets your unique needs. Luckily, Lange Lifts knows this, and we offer a complete set of services to design and manufacture modified and custom lifts.

Whether it’s a slight modification of our standard hydraulic lift tables or a completely unique lift product, we have the flexibility and experience to design and custom fit one of a kind solutions for our customers. Our custom design team has rich experience in lift design, as well as an expert grasp of new technologies and manufacturing methods, enabling us to quickly and effectively move from concept to completed product.

Our engineers will work directly with you from concept to production. Call us today for a consultation on your unique needs, and Lange’s experts will visit your facility and assess your situation. We’ll take measurements and complete an analysis to fully understand how your custom lift solution needs to operate, and what it needs to accomplish. We’ll take that research and data back to our facility, where our expert designers and engineers will work together to build a solution that exceeds your expectations.

We use our expertise and the latest in 3D CAD software and technology to design the best one of a kind ergonomic lifts in a myriad of varieties. We’ll use that design, combined with our manufacturing excellence, to build a quality final product to exacting specifications, ensuring an effective, safe, and durable solution.

At Lange Lift, we have over 80 years of design experience from scissor lifts to tilters, upenders, turntables, box dumpers, lift gates, pallet inverters, and more. With a variety of designs to fit any situation imaginable, and capacities available from 100 pounds to 40,000 pounds in manual, electric, battery, and air power, Lange Lifts are designed to impress and built to last.

Contact us today to learn more

Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Contact us today to learn more about what our great products can do for your business.

Types of Lifts

Anthony Lange, our founder and creative talent, proved to be ahead of his time in his ability to design ergonomic lifts with exceptional functionality and longevity. Anthony built his brand by word of mouth, letting the product speak for itself. As his brand grew, with it came a reputation of being the go-to lift manufacturer for durable lift tables that are built to last.

Today, continued technological development, innovative thinking, and unstoppable talent has driven Lange Lifts to develop many different varieties of lift, each for a specific purpose. Let’s take a closer look at a selection of the types of lifts that make up our current product offering:

Manual Hydraulic Lift Tables

For basic repetitive tasks that need a steady surface and reliable support, Lange offers Manual Hydraulic Lift Tables. These tables provide a surface for many work activities, such as welding and fabrication tasks, and are easily adjustable using a foot pedal.

Electric Lift Tables

If your task involves complex work that requires frequent adjustment of the work surface, and raising and lowering to enable a closer look and custom positioning, Lange Lift’s electric powered hydraulic lift tables are what you’re looking for. Electric Powered Lift Tables are ideal for stationary applications where raising and lowering speeds are crucial for maximum efficiency. No need for manually pumping the table, simply press down the foot switches for quick, ergonomic performance.

Battery Powered Hydraulic Lift Tables

If your application requires mobility, Lange Lift offers battery-powered hydraulic lift tables that are ideal for mobile applications. When you’re out in the field, your work can’t be hampered by an improper work surface. Lange delivers a reliable solution to mobile applications with our line of battery-powered hydraulic lift tables.

Air Powered Hydraulic Lift Tables

Lange’s Air Powered Lift Tables are ideal for combustible environments, such as spray booths, where electrical currents are prohibited. An onboard air valve raises and lowers the table with the tilt of your foot. This convenient, safe and effective method allows you to work in otherwise inhospitable conditions with an easy to use, adjustable work surface.

Contact us today to learn more

Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Contact us today to learn more about what our great products can do for your business.

How Hydraulic Lift Tables Help Machinists Work Smarter

The importance of proper ergonomics at your workstation can’t be overstated. With millions of Americans suffering from work-related injuries, and more claims being filed every day, today’s worker is becoming aware of the fact that if their workstation doesn’t provide proper ergonomics, they risk serious health issues in the future. Likewise, employers who want loyal and productive employees know that they need to provide healthy working conditions. For these reasons, Lange Lift has developed a range of highly customizable lift tables that put your work where you need it, easily and effectively. For employees, the value of their continued health and vitality in the future is limitless. For employers, a healthy and productive workforce means higher profits and increased prosperity for all.

People come in all shapes and sizes and need working ­surfaces with adjustable working heights to limit ­bodily stress, reduce repetitive motion injuries, and increase ­efficiency. Safety managers know that an ergonomic Lange Lift table is the perfect choice for machinists, welding ­stations, assembly areas, and material fabrication.

Research has shown that repetitive stress disorders and bad body mechanics have extremely detrimental effects on the human body. Simply put, a healthy workforce is far more productive and costs far less in the long run than workers whose well-being isn’t provided for. Lange Lift hydraulic lift tables help your machinists, welders, and fabricators work smarter and avoid injury by putting their work where they need it. You’ll find that they are able to deliver better and more accurate work, leading to improved productive hours and a higher-quality product.

Manual Hydraulic Lift Tables are our original design, ideal for any industrial environment. If your application requires constant raising and lowering, we offer electric lift tables, battery lift tables, and air powered lift tables to help reduce repetitive motion and increase productivity. Our line of products ensures that you’ll find a perfect fit for your application, with a design that meets the needs of your workers.

Lange Lift is passionate about our lift tables and the results they deliver for our customers. Contact us today to find out more about what Lange Lift tables can do to improve your operations.

Contact us today to learn more

Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Contact us today to learn more about what our great products can do for your business.