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We use universal Ram Seal & Bearing parts across all Standard Manual, Electric, Battery, and Air Powered Lange Lift Hydraulic Tables. With length of service and operational ­environment in mind, seals and bearings should be checked ­periodically for normal wear and replaced as needed. To find the correct Ram Seal & Bearing Rebuild Kit it is important to locate the capacity of the table.  The capacity of the table is posted on the identification tag located to the left of the foot pump as you’re facing it  You can determine the correct part number using the following guide:

P.1RK – 1,000 Pound Capacity Tables
P.2RK – 2,000 Pound Capacity Tables
P.3RK – 3,000 Pound Capacity Tables
P.4RK – 4,000 Pound Capacity Tables
P.5RK – 5,000 Pound Capacity Tables

For parts breakdown, reference images, parts removal and installation procedures, please download a copy of our Ram Seal & Bearing Guide