General Maintenance of Your Lange Lift Table

Lange Lift manual lift tables, electric lift tables, battery lift tables and air lift tables all offer extreme durability and ease of use for many years with minimal maintenance. By following a few simple steps and guidelines, you can ensure that your Lange Lift table will continue to operate at peak performance and serve you well for a lifetime.

The casters that your lift table rolls on are designed to last the lifetime of the unit, but occasional lubrication is recommended, particularly in dirty or dusty environments. Using multi-purpose grease and a grease gun, lubricate all points as needed. The floor lock and foot pedal also benefit from occasional lubrication, ensuring smooth motion and reducing friction. Locate the friction points and apply a moderate amount of standard 30 weight oil to each point. Wipe away any excess oil, and lubricate as needed.

Clean the guide tube to protect internal components. With the lift fully raised, apply a standard degreaser to the guide tube and wipe with a clean shop cloth to keep the internal components free of debris. Clean as needed. Also, remember to keep your hydraulic oil full and clean. We recommend ISO-46 Hydraulic Oil with a fill level of no more than 2″ above the lower guide tube bearing.

Lange air lift tables also require occasional air filter and lubricator maintenance. To do so, drain the air filter as required. The lubricator should be filled with air tool oil as required and should deliver one drop of oil per one full lift cycle.

Lange battery lift tables also require battery cycle maintenance procedures to obtain good performance and maximum cycle life. Lead acid batteries require special caution, so be sure to read all warnings and precautions in your Lange Lift product manual thoroughly before proceeding. It’s important to remember that new batteries are not capable of their rated output until they have been discharged a number of times. We suggest limiting their use early on. Do not excessively discharge batteries, as it can cause polarity reversal of individual cells resulting in complete failure shortly thereafter. Limited use of new batteries will minimize the chance of cell reversal.

Check the level of electrolytes in conventional lead acid batteries monthly, and maintain the proper electrolyte level by adding distilled or purified water when necessary. Electrolyte levels lower during discharging and rise during charging, therefore it is mandatory that water is added to the cells only when they are fully charged; do not overfill. Old batteries require more frequent additions of water than new batteries.For best results, keep tops of batteries clean and dry to prevent excessive self-discharge. Keep battery terminals reasonably tight.

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