Product Spotlight: Lange Lift Tilter with Roller Conveyors

Since 1934, Lange Lift has been building the best manual lift tables, electric lift tables, battery lift tables and air lift tables in the world. Among the many unique products we offer, we are especially proud to present to our customers are our custom & modified lifts. These units are designed and built specifically for a customer’s unique application. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine our expertise in products that lift the world into new and unique products that serve a specific purpose. A great example of that is our amazing Lange Lift tilter with roller conveyors.

This unit has a capacity of 2000 lbs, with dual 60 in long x 61 in wide decks with roller conveyors (2-½ in ø on 4-½ in centers, 27 in between frame) which may be linked for simultaneous tilting. Sitting on a 127 in. long x 61 in. wide base, with dual independent, double acting hydraulic cylinders, and two 3-sided safety skirt systems, this unit is built for stability, power, and convenience. The deck tilts to a maximum 90-degree angle, either independently or simultaneously. Powered by a 120V AC, single phase, 60 Hz source, the unit is ready to be used anywhere, anytime. Controls are highly intuitive, with push button controls on a 10 ft pendant – tilt up left deck, tilt down left deck, tilt up right deck, tilt down right deck, linked tilt up, linked tilt down, e-stop, and momentary contact on/off.

Developed in partnership with a specific customer for a specific application, this unit has brought increased productivity and reduced downtime to the line on which it operates. The unique abilities of this unit fit the need perfectly, enabling the customer to speed up production and increase convenience and productivity for workers.

Just take a moment to view our product video for this unique product, and you’ll quickly gain an understanding of the unique abilities that our custom & modified lifts team puts to use. You may even start to consider ways in which the talented engineers at Lange Lift may be able to develop a product that could increase productivity and lower costs in your operations. If you have a need, we can build the lift.

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Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Contact us today to learn more about what our great products can do for your business.