9 Welding Workshop Tools Your Business Can’t Do Without

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, welding is projected to grow by as much as 4 percent in the next 10 years. Not only is welding fun, but it’s also a very stable career. However, if you want to succeed, you’ll need to know about these welding workshop tools.

You can spend years developing your welding abilities, but without the right tools for the job, you could fall behind the competition. So, read on to learn about nine industrial welding workshop tools you need to succeed.


1. Auto-Darkening Helmets

The most important tools you need for your welding business are the safety ones. You should have thick gloves, goggles, and helmets.

The best helmet you can choose is the auto-darkening variety. Unlike the helmets with solid shades, these ones give you greater access to see your work. They also help you get a more precise and even weld.

2. Metal Brush

The second tool you need is a metal brush. Some welding processes create slag. This needs to be removed in order to see the weld.

That’s where a metal brush comes in. The brush helps take off the slag layer so you can properly see your work.

3. MIG Pliers

Next on the list is MIG pliers. There will be times when you need to fix the welding wire or the head. MIG pliers are the tools that help with that.

Not only do they clip the welding wire, but they can also help you remove the nozzle, even when it’s hot.

4. Angle Grinder

Another crucial tool to add to your toolkit is an angle grinder. This tool is extremely versatile and can be used for nearly every project.

Attach a buffering wheel to it and see how it makes to metal shine. You can also add a cutting wheel or a grinding disk to cut and smooth out edges.

5. Welding Magnets

Next are welding magnets. These tools will help stabilize your projects so that you can get a clean weld in place.

Welding magnets come in a large variety of sizes, so be sure to pick up a couple different options.

6. Sheet Metal Gauge

This tool is small and inexpensive, but the effect it can have on your business is big. A sheet metal gauge helps you know how thick the metal is, so you can make sure you use the best tools to cut it.

7. Framing Jig

The framing jig will help you get perfect 90-degree angles. While it’s not a crucial tool, it will save you time, and time is money.

8. Welding Clamps

Welding clamps are very important for holding your projects in place. You’ll need them to complete your projects effectively and efficiently.

9. Lifts

Chances are, if you’re working in a workshop, you’re going to have to move some heavy projects. The best solution for this is a good table lift.

There are a wide variety of lifts you can choose from. Not only will they give you extra strength to move those precious pieces, table lifts can also help protect your projects if you need to move them while working.

Choosing the Best Welding Workshop Tools

Finding the best welding workshop tools is a breeze when you’ve got specialists like us to help you out. Contact us for more information on our lift tables, or check out our products catalog.