Serial #34618 | Custom Lift Table

Custom built for a major aeronautics manufacturer and national defense contractor, this highly customized lift table has indexing swing out deck arms with UHMW covers to accommodate variable diameter parts. Due to it’s purely air powered operation and controls, it is ideal for combustible environments, such as spray booths. An on board clutch allows for powered or manual deck rotation on the fly.

Technical Specifications

Capacity » 500 Pounds

Deck » 43″ Ø, with Indexing Swing Out Arms to 60″ Ø, Flat Steel with Bolted On UHMW Cover, 360 Degree Continuous Rotation. An On Board Clutch Allows for Both Powered or Manual Deck Rotation.

Base » 30″ Square, Formed Steel Legs and Welded Steel Frame. Features 8″ Ø Easy Roll Rigid and Swivel Casters (Include Top Lock Brakes), Pivot Up Tow Handle

Raised Height » 42″

Lowered Height » 27″

Vertical Travel » 15″

Power » Air Motor – 80 PSI @ 50 CFM (Recommended), On Board Air Regulator, Filter, and Lubricator

Controls » Guarded Air Valve Pedals – Up/Down/Rotate

Paint » Machine Green

IMPORTANT! The lift on this page is a modified or custom product.  Products of this nature may have very specific features, seen and unseen, that are unique to the original end user’s application. When inquiring about this lift, our customer service team will ask you questions about your application to make sure that you’re getting the right lift for your application with the features you want. Please reference the lift on this page by it’s serial number.