Designed for and used by a major U.S. clothing retailer in their distribution facility, this box dumper accommodates an existing caster mounted container. Once loaded, the box dumper is tilted up to its maximum tilting angle, where the contents of the container are dumped onto an upper level conveyor system for sorting.

Serial #27401| Custom Box Dumper

Technical Specifications

Capacity » 1,500 Pounds

Hopper » 32″ Deep x 75″ Wide – Inside

Base » 38″Long (Excluding Forks) x 88″ Wide

Overall Height » 112″ Tipped, 78-1/2″ Lowered

Maximum Tipping Angle » 135º, 36.27″ Tip Height, 25.875″ Tip Reach

Power » 230/460V AC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz

Controls » 12′ Hand-Held Pendant Control Station With A Keyed On/Off Switch

Paint » Machine Green

IMPORTANT! The lift on this page is a modified or custom product.  Products of this nature may have very specific features, seen and unseen, that are unique to the original end user’s application. When inquiring about this lift, our customer service team will ask you questions about your application to make sure that you’re getting the right lift for your application with the features you want. Please reference the lift on this page by it’s serial number.