36 Inch Battery Powered Lift Tables

36 Inch Battery Powered Lift Tables

Capacities Available » 1,000 – 5,000* Pounds

Deck » 36″ Square, Formed & Welded Flat Steel Deck, 360 Degree Continuous Rotation with Lock Handle

Base » 36″ Square, Formed Steel Legs and Welded Steel Frame. Features 5″ Ø Cast Iron** Rigid and Swivel Casters and a Foot Actuated Floor Lock.

Raised Height » 45″

Lowered Height » 27″

Vertical Travel » 18″

Power » 12V Deep Cycle Battery (Enclosed), DC Motor, and On Board Battery Charger

Controls » Push Button Coil Corded Pendant Control – Lift/Lower

Paint » Machine Green

*Contact us for capacities over 5,000 pounds.

**5,000 pound capacity lift tables have drop forged casters.

Model Number Lift Capacity Model Specification Sheet
L-136-BP 1,000 lbs. L-136-BP Specification Sheet
L-236-BP 2,000 lbs. L-236-BP Specification Sheet
L-336-BP 3,000 lbs. L-336-BP Specification Sheet
L-436-BP 4,000 lbs. L-436-BP Specification Sheet
L-536-BP 5,000 lbs. L-536-BP Specification Sheet