Within construction projects, there tend to be unique parts of each job that require a very specific type of equipment to accomplish. While standard equipment can certainly be utilized if needed, a customized option is undoubtedly preferable. This is why we make each custom scissor lift in accordance with our customer’s specifications. Some scissor lifts are more effective for the outdoors, while others can be used in both outdoor and enclosed spaces. We gather the details of your job and make sure that, whatever you need to accomplish, your custom scissor lift can support your team’s safety and precision. Keep reading to learn more about our custom scissor lift options and their unique specifications.

What is a Custom Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift is basically a motorized lift used within construction that is guarded by a railed platform that rises straight up. Scissor lifts are built to hold multiple workers or heavy items at once so that the cost of the equipment is more effective. 

At Lange Lift, we build each custom scissor lift based on the details our customers provide us, making every one unique. To make sure you have the right lift for your project, we will have you work directly with one of our engineers starting from drafting the concept to production. During the design stage, you will be able to have a complete visualization of the lift with a 3D CAD that brings the concept to life right in front of your eyes.

Examples and Specifications

We can build a wide variety of custom scissor lists based on their application and how much weight you need to lift. Lifts can be manual, electric, battery, or air-powered with the ability to lift anywhere from 100 to 40,000 pounds. Some examples of custom lifts we have built for customers include:

  1. Custom Scissor Lift Mobile Workstation 

This scissor lift has the ability to lift up to 800 pounds, a raised height of 12” top of rollers above deck and lowered height of 9.25” top of rollers below deck. While the product is modified based on the customer’s unique application, general specifications can be found here

  1. Rotating Deck Scissor Lift 

With a lift capacity of up to 6,000 pounds, this lift can be raised 44 ¾” over the deck and lowered to 14 3/4 “ below. With a round table sitting on top of the lift, items can be placed onto the lift, raised up, and then rotated for required accessibility.

  1. Scissor Lift & Tilt with Tooling Mounts

This lift has a 40,000 lb capacity, making it perfect for heavy machinery and bulky loads. It can be raised up to 48” above the level main deck and lowered 24” below the level main deck. While it is modified based on the unique needs of each customer, you can view an example of an electric-powered tilting lift here.

  1. Scissor Lift with Side Adjusting Powered Roller Conveyor

Not quite as heavy-duty, but still high capacity and electric powered, this option can lift up to 6,000 pounds. Special features include a power drive roller conveyor with a manual crank 2” side to side adjustment.

  1. Air Powered Custom Scissor Lift

An air-powered scissor lift includes an air valve pedal and air motor with the ability to lift up to 1200 pounds. While it is modified based on the unique needs of each customer, you can view an example of an air powered lift here.

  1. Air Powered Scissor Lift with Fork Pockets

This specific lift can raise up to 4,000 pounds and was initially designed for a worldwide cheese processor, featuring a stainless steel base and deck cover along with fork pockets. We created this to provide a custom scissor lift that’s safe in food processing environments. The metallic finish can protect a variety of materials from ultraviolet rays, abrasion, water immersion, food acids, alkaloids, oils, chemicals, and high-pressure washdowns.

  1. Battery Powered Scissor Lift with Die Pusher Conveyor

With a lift capacity up to 8,000 pounds, raise loads 48” above and 24” below the conveyor of this battery powered scissor lift. While the product is modified based on the unique needs of the customer, general specifications can be found here

Turn to Lange Lift for Custom Scissor Lifts

With such a wide selection of custom scissor lifts options available, there isn’t a single load you can’t lift when you turn to us! With over 80 years of experience developing and recrafting our custom scissor lift design, Lange Lift is able to provide high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and dependable products each and every time. Reach out today to learn more about how to build a custom scissor lift with Lange Lift.