Choosing the right equipment for handling material in an industrial environment can be the difference between workplace efficiency and a workplace disaster. For a safe, easy-to-use solution, many corporations opt for a custom scissor lift – also known as a lift table, “aerial work platform (AWP), or elevated work platform (EWP). 

Scissor lifts are designed to move equipment and personnel in a vertical direction. This allows access to elevated, hard-to-reach work areas without the use of a ladder, tower, or scaffolding. Vertical movement is achieved by the crisscrossing foundation which expands and lifts the platform upwards. Once the operator has reached the desired height, they can handle or position the materials as needed.

Ways a Custom Scissor Lift Can Transform Your Business

  1. Improve Job Productivity

Not only do workers save time by not having to set up ladders and scaffolding, but they also have less need to physically exert themselves. With more time and more energy, productivity is guaranteed to increase. 

Choosing a scissor lift that is customized to the type of work being done, means you can position the work surface at a height and angle that is optimal for the specific palletizing or loading task at hand. In doing so, you will see a reduction in cycle times and a more efficient loading operation. 

  1. Keep Workers Safe

Not only do they improve productivity, but they also make processes safer and more ergonomic when properly implemented. Because workers can position the scissor lift’s work surface to any desired height, there is a reduced burden on the worker and less need for heavy lifting. Employers will also see a decline in workplace strain injuries as the need for repetitive bending and twisting motions is eliminated in many instances.

  1. Easy to Operate

Because they are capable of being set up and operated by one person, workers can accomplish more individually. They are also easier to operate than other machinery, with foolproof control mechanisms. This means that training time is minimal as operators can be trained to use the lift in only a couple of days.

  1. A Custom Scissor Lift Saves Space 

While similar machinery requires more floor space for operating, scissor lifts are one of the most compact pieces of lifting equipment on the market. The total area required for use is equivalent to the surface area of the lift’s platform. This is an important factor for small or tightly-packed spaces. Not only does this keep the work area free of clutter, but it also makes the equipment easy to store.

  1. Customizable

Not only can they vary in height, weight, and footprint, but scissor lifts can be configured to best suit business needs. A stationary lift is ideal for transporting materials between levels, or a wheeled lift may be needed for transporting materials between workstations. The load platforms can also be customized as fixed, adjustable, or rotating to improve ergonomics. 

Choose a Custom Scissor Lift by Lange Lift

Our lifts are entirely custom built to customer specifications. Each is one-of-a-kind and built to last with high-quality materials and reliable components. Our expertly crafted scissor lifts can be manual, electric, air, or battery-powered and can vary between 100 to 40,000-pound capacities.

At Lange Lift, we take a “sky is the limit” approach to our design, giving customers precisely what their business needs. Our engineers work directly with you from concept to production, using the latest in 3D CAD design to provide pre-production renderings.

With over 80 years of experience in custom lift product design, we are the trusted manufacturer of lift-based material handling equipment. We serve anyone from small fabrication shops to the United States military and all industries in between. 

If you are ready to improve your business and design your custom scissor lift, contact Lange Lift today at 1-800-558-0577 or request a quote HERE.