24 Inch Manual Powered Lift Tables

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24 Inch Manual Powered Lift Tables

Model NumberLift CapacityModel Specification Sheet
L-1241,000 lbs.L-124 Specification Sheet
L-2242,000 lbs.L-224 Specification Sheet
L-3243,000 lbs.L-324 Specification Sheet
L-4244,000 lbs.L-424 Specification Sheet

Capacities Available » 1,000 – 4,000 Pounds

Deck » 24″ Square, Formed & Welded Steel Deck, 360º Continuous Rotation with Deck Rotation Brake Handle

Base » 24″ Square, Formed Steel Legs and Welded Steel Frame. Features 5″ Ø Cast Iron Rigid and Swivel Casters and a Foot Actuated Floor Lock

Raised Height » 45″

Lowered Height » 27″

Vertical Travel » 18″

Power » Manual Powered Foot Pump

Controls » Foot Pedals – Lift/Lower

Paint » Lange Lift Shadow Gray

30″ Table Renderings Shown Below

Do you have a unique application? Modify or customize any our hydraulic lift tables to fit your application. We take a sky is the limit approach to our design modifications so that you get precisely what you want. Options include, but are not limited to, Round Decks, Ball Transfers, Roller Conveyors, UHMW Deck Covers, Neoprene Rubber Deck Covers, Machined Decks, Tooling Slots, Blanchard Ground Decks, Tilting Decks, Powered Rotation, Tooling Slots, Poly on Iron Casters, Phenolic Casters, V-Groove Casters, Flanged Casters, Floor Mounted Stationary Lift Tables, and everything in between. Manual, Electric, Battery, and Air Powered Lift Tables are available with capacities from 100 to 10,000 pounds.

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