Lange Lift makes a variety of lift tables to support any business that needs to lift heavy loads. Hydraulic manual lift tables are the most popular, cost effective, and versatile solution we provide. They are well known for their strength and versatile mobility. Because we have been producing them since 1934, we have pinned down a safe, dependable, and modifiable design, allowing our lifts to be utilized in virtually any industry. While this is the case, there are specific industries that tend to rely on hydraulic manual lifts on a regular basis. Learn more about those industries and how they typically benefit from lift tables below.

Industries & Uses 

Any business that builds, fixes, or processes heavy materials benefits greatly from having one or multiple hydraulic manual lift tables on hand. Industries we commonly have coming to us for lifts include:


As you can imagine, the equipment used within the railroad industry is quite heavy and difficult to lift. Rails, train cars, equipment used for maintenance, and any other cargo being loaded onto the train require the need to be lifted to an ergonomic height and maintained from time to time. Hydraulic manual lift tables can help rail facilities raise these items quickly and efficiently.


Similar to the railroad industry, businesses working in aerospace rely greatly on heavy equipment and components. Lift tables help workers position and load aircraft parts while they’re being manufactured, maintained, and operated.


Mechanics and auto manufacturers need to get under automobiles while building them and performing repairs. The equipment that goes within automobiles, like an engine or wheels, can also be cumbersome to carry. Hydraulic manual lift tables allow for smoother operations within the automotive industry along with the minimized risk of injury. They also make great mobile workstations that can hold heavy tools, tool chests, or other items necessary to install or repair an automobile.


Lift tables assist in the production and transportation of large plastic components within the plastic industry. They’re used in the manufacturing and maintenance of molding equipment as well as injection mold machinery.


A staple for all warehouses that are carrying out any type of manufacturing, there likely isn’t one facility in this industry where you won’t find a use for a lift table. They are an integral part of operations, helping employees manage loads quickly and safely.


The electronics industry will often use lift tables modified with Electrostatic Discharge Casters to move large electronics. This helps keep involved employees safe and prevents damage to volatile circuitry.


Businesses that manufacture paper, printers, and carry out packaging rely on hydraulic manual lift tables during regular operations and to transport heavy loads of paper.

Additional Info on the Benefits of Hydraulic Manual Lift Tables

While their main purpose is to easily transport heavy loads, this automatically makes hydraulic manual lift tables beneficial in a multitude of ways. Examples of key advantages include:

Hydraulic Manual Lift Tables Enhance Safety

Lift tables are easy to operate and may reduce the risk of injury or accidents within the workplace with proper use. Because they minimize the need for heavy lifting or extraneous overhead reaching, workers are able to carry out work in a simple and safe manner.

Increase Productivity

Without a lift table, multiple workers would be needed to lift and transport loads. Having a lift table minimizes the need for labor, allowing for a faster and more affordable production process.


Lange Lift builds modified and custom hydraulic lift tables to accommodate the needs of any industry or project big or small. Check out some examples of what we have built for past clients here.


Most hydraulic lifts are small and compact, taking up minimal space within the work area. This helps reduce transportation costs and makes them easy to move from place to place. 

Lange Lift Makes Lift Tables for Every Job

If you find that your team is routinely having to tackle heavy lifting, or you have a special project coming up that involves heavy objects, Lange Lift has a solution for you. We have hydraulic manual lift tables for all uses, big or small. Available in both square and round varieties, capacities range from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our salespeople and get the perfect lift table for your needs.