Hydraulic lifting tables are extremely efficient and versatile devices. The ergonomic tables raise, and lower, workloads for businesses that need to lift heavy loads. Hydraulic lift tables are prominently relied upon in many industries, including aerospace, welding, plastics, manufacturing, automotive, and more. There are many ways to operate hydraulic lifting tables, and many lift tables to choose from.

Types of Hydraulic Lifting Tables

People come in all different types of sizes, and working surfaces should be adjustable to meet specific needs. Hydraulic lift tables help limit bodily stress, reduce repetitive motion injuries, and increase efficiency. Lange Lift offers a variety of lift tables to meet your industry’s needs. 

Manual Lifts

Manual lift tables are a great addition to any industrial environment. If your worksite requires frequent raising and lowering, a manual lift table can benefit you. Manual Lift tables offer mobility and range of motion. These tables offer 1,000 to 4,000-pound capacity.

Electric Lifts

Electric lift tables are a good choice for stationary applications. If the raising and lowering speeds are essential for efficiency, these lift tables are a great option for you. Electric lift tables offer 1,000 to 5,000-pound capacity. 

Battery Lifts

Battery lift tables are a great option if you need a lift for mobile and versatile applications. The handheld control allows for quick operation, that can be used anywhere you need it. These tables offer 1,000 to 5,000-pound capacity. 

Air Lifts

If you need to use your lift table in a combustible environment, an air lift table is the choice for you. An air valve is used to raise or lower the table, controlled by the tilt of your foot. These tables offer 1,000 to 5,000-pound capacity.

Uses for your Hydraulic Lift Table

With an array of lift tables available, many businesses find benefits in using lifts in their day-to-day activities. Hydraulic lift tables are known for their strength and versatile uses. With a dependable and modifiable design, the tables can be used in a variety of ways. 

Loading Equipment

When you require large loads to be moved on and off of vehicles, stored in warehouses or moved from place to place, a lift table can make all of the difference. Hydraulic lift tables with adjustable heights can get equipment where it needs to be while decreasing repetitive motion injury. The height adjustment allows for equipment to quickly be raised and lowered to get the job done. 

Work Positioning

Machinists, welders, fabricators, and many other professionals can find great benefits in a lift table that adjusts to different height requirements. These demanding professions are made easier when the workstation can be customizable to fit each worker’s needs. When the efficiency of the work is crucial to the job, a hydraulic lift table can be a great addition. 

Moving Heavy Loads

The industrial industry often requires extremely large loads to be moved on a daily basis. Hydraulic lift tables are specifically designed with this in mind. The tables are able to lift the heaviest of machinery and equipment throughout your space. 

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